Hi there, I'm Boku
I'm a charter from the Netherlands
I've been charting since September 2020
All of my charts have CSInput although some of my oldest ones may not

How I play:
I use a DS4, so some of my charts may not be optimal for keyboard play

About pfp:
Can't get Gravatar to work lol

Regarding sharing/porting my charts in public mods and videos:
Regarding sharing videos of any of my charts:
Please credit me the video itself or in the description, no matter if the game is PPD, PH, AFT, MM+ etc.

Regarding porting to Project Heartbeat:
I am completely fine with it if you port any of my charts to PH. No need to ask permission in this case

Regarding porting into public mods for AFT and MM+:
Please contact me telling me that you're gonna port them and credit me in the game