French player and big fan of Hatsune Miku. I enjoy cute and fun pop songs as much as brutal metal songs.
I play with PS4 controller. I'm not super good but I try my best.

I make charts for all kind of Vocaloid music, mainly Hatsune Miku songs.

For all of my scores, you don't need the mod CSInput to play with two hands and you can still be in the rankings.

I have a Youtube channel ( where I show auto-plays of the charts I make but I also make other videos related to Vocaloid.

You can get my 1st 20 charts in 1 pack : (the videos are included)
(since they are my first charts, some aren't that good and need a rework. Sometimes updating the chart might not be enough so I will make a completly new chart for those)

I don't know when but I plan on remaking my old charts because they are bad compared to what I can do now (and I'm still not the best at making charts)