To play "AC&ACFT style" score i use controller or Keyboard.With right middle finger I click on ○, right index finger on × , the left middle finger on △ and the left index finger on □.
"/" ○
"." ×
"x" □
"z" △
"c"/"LShift" Left Slide
","/"RShift" Right Slide

Youtube channel:
Languages: english, russian

Discontinued projects
PPD recolor release:
"hold" recolored pictures v5.1
PPD Hachune Miku Notes (could become obsolete)
PPD New "Logo" + Background (PDA version B)
PPD AC versionB Skin
PDA Future Tone Skin (v2.6) 12.08.2015

PPD Guide (on russian) / outdated, but basics are probably still relevant: