ANTI THE∞HOLiC (Short ver.)

投稿者: Blue Star 投稿日: 2020-09-14 09:08:37 DL数: 80 評価: レビューがありません
This is from my chart Infinite∞HOLiC score/df905d50a56e7529b0efbc515a3f79c6
With this you can play only 1 song without playing the other 3.

Extreme ☆10

No video because it's the same chart as in Infinite∞HOLiC, with a few notes added at the beginning of the song.
In Infinite∞HOLiC, the beginning of the song is cut because the song follows 0 and the end is cut because it continues with ∞ so I used the sound from the album InfiniteHOLiC to complete the song.


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