Cistus Albidus

投稿者: Tash 投稿日: 2020-11-16 09:04:57 DL数: 22 評価: レビューがありません
UPDATED 11/20/2020
BPM is 70-140

Difficulty: 8.5

This is my second chart I've done. The song is written by Okame-P who is currently suffering from pancreatic cancer. it is not only my favorite song of his, but my favorite song of all time. His condition seems terminal and he just uploaded his final song (not this one--Cistus Albidus was written in 2016) and will upload his final album on November 25th. He is my #1 favorite producer (along with Kikuo), so this news greatly saddened me. I started this chart close to 3 months ago, but have procrastinated in completing it until the recent news. You do not need CSInput.


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