The Spider and the Kitsune-Like Lion (鬼蜘蛛ト狐ノ獅子ト)

投稿者: Kyle 投稿日: 2023-05-24 03:34:34 DL数: 95 評価: 4(2)
Ok so :SUPERNICE: I didn't feel like having to adjust the chain sliders so I apologize for most of them going offscreen LOL just pretend its part of the lore

Also there's a section that's supposed to speed up but I forgot how to work the bpm change thing so it just looks like miku miku bacteria, ill update it when I figure out how to change the speed

10 Stars and playable withou CSInput!

Oh also also I'm using this video because it's the only good quality version I could find, use any one you want lol


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