Noway to get all Scratch Count before game start?

I try to fix Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone MOD Clear gauge by calculate missing slide if you not press or not get MAX Slide.
That one already complete but, When I saw the PPD Slide score system it's right this:
-> //////// | 500+10+20+30+40+50+60+70+80+1000

but real arcade should be like this:
-> //////// | 500+510+520+530+540+550+560+570+580+1000

Because Real Project DIVA Arcade count all slider as a button then I try to use PPD.GaintScore +500 every time Evaluate.equal = Slide, but the max of clear gauge must declare before game start or in miscentrypoint. That I cannot to use +500 because clear rate will over the maximum.

some one use SlideChainScore.fsml and set total slide value = "(They try +500 and calculate score until game end and put it to value)"
And declare that value in AC mod, but in reality I cannot to calculate all song and put the total value in my mod.
That I want to ask everyone to help me get All Long Scratch, Scratch start and release time before game start.

Sathana Sundaravej
作成日時:2019-05-11 18:03:51 更新日時:2019-05-11 18:04:51