movies wont load and I don't know why.

some context:
- I've just transferred the entire program/KHC folder from one computer to another
- I also just updated the program to 0.9.0
- the songs loaded the movies fine before both of the above things happened.

I can get into the song select and select a song, but once I try to play a song, it kicks me back out to song select. When I try to watch any of the movies from the main menu, the program crashes.

I tried renaming the .mp4s to have the same title as the folder they are in, and it hasn't worked. naming the .mp4 "movie" does not work either.

I have no idea whether the .mp4s are causing trouble, if the newest update is buggy, or if moving the KHC folder from C: on one computer to C: on another got it confused. If anyone has any insight to what/which might be causing this problem, I would love to hear it.
作成日時:2019-02-11 11:00:01 更新日時:2019-02-11 11:00:01