Custom PPD controller (open source)

Hi all,

wanted to share my current project:

It's designed with PPD in mind but I'll add joysticks soon to the design, so it's compatible with all Diva games.
It's based on QMK firmware, which makes it have n-key rollover (looking at you Hori PS3 Pad) and extremely fast response.
It's also build with Mechanical Switches, so tap speed is not an issue.
You don't need to 3D print it, you could also build it using cardboard, or better yet foamboard.
The main part is basically the firmware and the wiring :)
If you get me a roll of filament and shipping isn't too crazy expensive, I can help those out that want one 3d printed :)

作成日時:2023-01-17 21:01:15 更新日時:2023-01-17 21:01:15