GNU Linux?

Compatibility with other operating systems could make PPD a game on the go.
A GNU Linux port is just what i need to make a fully portable PPD system running on a raspberry pi. I realize that realistically, a linux port is not the easiest thing to do, but it IS possible. just wondering if thats something worth making.
作成日時:2020-09-02 05:32:01 更新日時:2020-09-02 05:32:01

Re: GNU Linux?

A Linux build would be great, the game uses .NET Framework, which Linux supports, so that part should be easy to port.
You also need to aknowledge that x86 and ARM (Raspberry Pi) Linux programs are not compatible with each other, they need seperate builds.
作成日時:2020-09-13 04:42:29 更新日時:2020-09-13 04:42:29