投稿者: KageAruki 投稿日: 2019-10-31 15:01:36 DL数: 11
This is a simple script to add or remove health/life from the player's gauge at specified times.

There is both a % based version (add 50% of current health at X seconds) and a flat value version (set to 250 health at X seconds).

To use: Link ppd.everyframe output to Logic.If In within the scope you wish to use. Next, adjust the Float.Value labeled "Time when reduction occurs" to the number of seconds into the chart that the health change should occur at. Last, adjust the "Health to set player to" Int32.Value to either the % of the current value you want to set the player to, or the value out of 1000 at the time the event triggers depending on which version you are using.

You can copy/paste each scope to have multiple instances within a single chart.

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